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An important note from Roosevelt Trailer Company‚Äč (RTC)

RTC began in 2020 and we are, at this time still in Development Mode. We are curently in the process of building and testing our first prototype on the XLander Platform. The build is going well and we are on track to transition into a more intensive testing phase soon. We are commited to creating the highest quality and most durable product possible and we will not shortcut this stage. Building and testing of the Tarmac Platform is set to begin soon as well. Our goal is beginning taking orders for builds on both platforms by mid-spring of 2021. Please bookmark our page and check back frequently for updates. You can always contact us any time using the contact methods below. We would be glad to talk with you about our vision of what we plan to offer and answer any questions you might have. 

Specializing in custom built, rugged Teardrop and Squaredrop Trailers.

Featured filled but lightweight trailers that can be pulled by most any vehicle.

Built to order just for you

Choose one of our fully-featured models or start with a base model and only add the features you need.

Because Adventure is Necessary